Thursday, May 3, 2012

The following pictures are from the Agriculture Learning Center Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less group that met from January 19 until March 26, 2012. The group lost a total of 60 pounds with Linda Michel winning the award for the most weight lost at 12 pounds. In addition, Linda Michel and Debbie Reeves also received good reports from their doctors with their blood work reports. Linda's blood sugar level had improved to the point where her diabetes medication could be reduced. In addition to her weight loss,, Debbie Also improved her cholesterol readings, her blood pressure and her triglyceride levels. Pictured Left to Right front row: Diane Kimbrell, Teresa Goley, Cathi Klopping Back Row: Linda Michel, Wanda Matthews, Barbara Parrado, Debbie Reeves, Janet Motts, Margie Brownback. Not pictured: Sue Cubulus
Teresa Goley with Linda Michel - the group's biggest loser
Left to Right: Cathi Klopping, Barbara Parrado, Linda Michel, Sue Cubulus, Diane Kimbrell, Janet Motts