Monday, March 24, 2008

Variety Matters!

If we’re not careful,
We’ll find ourselves stuck,
Waist high, knee deep,
And in a big Rut!

“I don’t wanna hafta change,
Just let me be!
Things are fine the way they are,
Can’t you see?”

I like my coffee black,
Don’t drink hot tea,
I still cook with lard,
Can’t you see?

Green shag carpet is on my floor,
I still like macramé,
I want some more!
My chair hasn’t moved since 1984
And Mama’s picture hangs by the living room door!

This fine suit here
Thirty years old,
Just getting broken in,
“Vintage,” I’m told.

Leisure Suit,
Seizure Suit,
It’s all the same to me.
Hip Hop, Hop Scotch,
I just don’t see,

Why’s everybody caterwauling,
Change, change, change,
Give it up, toss it out,
It’s all so strange!

I just want things
The way they’ve always been!
No surprises, nothing new,
Here or there and back again!

And so there you are,
In a rut but OK,
Doing things the same old way,
Forever and a day!

All I’m saying is,
Give it a shot!
Open your mind
To new stuff and what not!

You might just find,
That there is a better way.
You might even like it
And then I’ll hear you say,

“Come into the house,
Would you like some green tea?
Just rest yourself there
On my new settee!”

It’s made of micro fiber,
And so comfortable for shore!
And that’s Mama’s picture
By the living room door!”